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These photographs were taken by Neil Herber VE3PUE at the Chateau Montebello net control HQ for the Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM) from Friday February 9, 2000 to Sunday February 11, 2001. All of these photos were taken with a Canon Powershot S20 digital camera.

The Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM) has used amateur radio operators to provide health and safety communications to some of the remotest part of the 160 km trail.

Why so many people?

The 2001 CSM was quite unusual. For the first time, 24-hour ham radio coverage was provided for the organizers to pass health and safety traffic. Also, large amounts of rain followed by freezing weather made the trails virtually impassable on Saturday, and the event was cancelled for that day. Several of the pictures here show the organizers trying to map out potential route changes for Sunday to get around obstacles such as open running water. The trail crews worked all Saturday night to provide what turned out to be quite good conditions for the skiers on Sunday.

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