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CSM 2018 FAQs (Archived)

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Are the maps, checkpoint diagrams, and assignments final?

No. For a variety of reasons - not the least of which is weather - they can all change before the event.

Are meals and sleeping accommodations provided? Where? NEW as of 2018-02-07!!!

Yes. Some arrangements are different from prior years. Lunch is provided at the checkpoint.

  • Accommodation is at the Town Hall Notre Dame de Bonsecours near Montebello (bring mattress and sleeping bag etc.) with meals provided in Papineauville. Town hall has showers.
  • For operators at CP11 and CP10, for Friday night only accommodation will be at the Gold Dorm - Ecole Polyvalente Curé-Mercure, 700 Boul du Dr Gervais, Mont-Tremblant (St. Jovite) (bring mattress and sleeping bag etc.) Contact your CP leader for details.

Does this site have driving directions posted?

Yes. Go to the Downloads page.

Is there a radio operator's guide available?

Yes. Go to the Downloads page.

Are there any split checkpoints - like CP4?

No. CP4 has been split in the past, but for 2018 it will be a single CP.

So what the heck is CP4a?

CP4a is a water point half way between CP4 and CP5. It's a long section, and CSM treats CP4a as a quasi-checkpoint that might require additional supplies or food. On some diagrams or maps it is marked as WP4 (water point 4). Although CP4a will have a radio, there will be NO dedicated radio operator. CP staff will operate the radio as required.

How many checkpoints are numbered "6"?

This is slightly confusing.

  • On Saturday, the trail ends at CP6a (often just called CP6) near Ecole St. Michel in Montebello. There will be a radio and operator at CP6a.
    • Some skiers will stop at Gold Camp. Gold Camp is about 1km north of Montebello on highway 323. There will be NO radio at Gold Camp.
  • On Sunday, the start is at CP6 which is located about 50m from the Gold Camp. There will be a radio with operator there.

Look at the Section 6 and 5 Maps for details.

How will the radio equipment be installed?

We are awaiting confirmation of some details, but in general:

  • The radio equipment will be transported to and from the CP in the cube van.
  • The antenna (some omni and some directional) will be mounted on the cube van by the CP staff. Pretests of each site have been performed and the optimal antenna direction will be supplied.
  • The radio (30 or 50 watt) will be installed in the operator's car if it can be parked near the cube van.
    • Note that some CP diagrams show the operator car far from the cube van.
    • If there is no room for the operator car near the cube van, then the radio will be installed in the cube van.
    • The final positioning is up to the CP captain.
  • The radio supplier is suggesting that power will be provided by the cigar lighter in the operator's car.

What happens if the radio equipment has technical problems?

The equipment supplier will have a technician available to fix things during the event. The tech will be mobile following the main flow of skiers.

Where will net control be located?

Net control will be located at in the offices of the Municipality of Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, which is close to Montebello. Net control equipment will be set up Friday afternoon, February 9th.

Does net control have internet access?

Yes. High-speed fibre.

What checkpoints do each CP team cover?

Because the event runs over 2 days, each CP team covers 2 CPs, one per day. It is likely, but not certain, that radio operators will work with the same CP teams on both days. The CP team assignments may be altered due to last minute staffing changes.

Checkpoint Pairings for 2018 as of 2018-02-08

  • Start CP11 & 6 (Miller and Montebello)
  • CP 2 & 7 (Pruuli and Kenauk Shooting Clay)
  • CP 3 & 9 (Lac Carling and Boileau)
  • CP 4 & 8 (Eau Vive and Kenauk Sand Pit)
  • CP 5 & 10 (Shooting Clay and Arundel)
  • Finish CP 6a & 1 (Montebello and Lachute)
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