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Check version numbers and dates to be sure you have the latest files!! Note that the route may change due to landholder changes, weather, and safety concerns.

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In 2020, the marathon runs in descending CP order from Mont Tremblant (CP11) to Montebello (CP6A) on Saturday and from Montebello (CP6) to Lachute (CP1) on Sunday.

NOTE: There are trail descriptions as well as the maps on the CSM website at but the maps posted here may be more up to date.

  • Each section of the trail is referred to by the LOWER numbered CP at either end of the section. So, for example, the trail between CP4 and CP3 is referred to as section 3.
  • Section 6 and section 5 use most of the same trail in different directions on different days.
    • The road crossings in Sections 6 and 5 BOTH use the Section 5 numbering, as in "RC 5-x".
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