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From Justin, aka Admin-2

Hello all!

As many of you have hopefully heard in the eblast sent by Fred last week, the board of directors of the CSM unanimously voted at its last meeting to convert the CSM to a virtual format for 2021. This was done because of the current situation on the ground in western Quebec, with almost all regions moving into the red zone; and due to restrictions that would have been placed on our event, if we were to run it physically, that would have severely curtailed the ability of both skiers and volunteers to attend safely.

So, a virtual event...

The way this is going to work is that we're still going to have the classifications for Courer de Bois, 1/2 Marathon, and Tourer. All skiers will have a 28 day period in which to complete their marathon - Feb 7 to March 7. Tourers will be allowed to ski as much as they want over the entire 28-day period, and receive credit for the kms that they ski. Half-Marathoners will have to ski 45km in a single outing. And our CdB will have to ski 50km a day on 2 consecutive days, and our Golds will have to camp out on the night in between,

And a small gift for you and your volunteers...

This year, the Board has decided to extend free registration to our volunteer community, as a thank you for all the support you've provided us with over the years. More details will be available shortly, but this can be your chance to actually ski a CSM (albeit virtual) this year!

In the meantime, I hope all of you are keeping safe and healthy, and I wish you all the best for the holidays.


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