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SIGN UP not yet open - but save the date! February 7 2021

Changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic!

In 2021, in response to the challenges caused by the on-going pandemic, the CSM will take a different form and be held over one day (Sunday, Feb 7) instead of the traditional full weekend. The vast majority of the course will be in the Kenauk Private Reserve using existing trails or forest roads unused in winter. The Board of the Canadian Ski Marathon is doing everything it can to organize a safe event for February 2021 that complies with the directives of public health authorities.

On 2020-10-30 the CSM released a letter to volunteers. The major points are that planning for a one-day event (Feb 7 2021) continues, the committee is looking at providing a "virtual CSM" for those who cannot attend, and skier registration will not open before Dec 1 2020. There are no details available yet for volunteers.

Read the full text of the Volunteer Letter.

Ham radio operators at CSM 2021

The Canadian Ski Marathon for 2021 will run on February 7th. Starting in 2018, the CSM began to use commercial digital radios for health, safety, and logistics traffic. However, the CSM still uses the skills and knowledge of ham operators to run a controlled net on the commercial rigs. When equipment or environmental factors make the commercial rigs difficult or impossible to use, 2m ham radio is used as a backup.

In 2020, the CSM signed a contract with ExelRadio for commercial digital radios to be used during the event and it is expected that they will also be the supplier for CSM 2021. However, given the radical changes in trail routing and the requirements to keep everyone "COVID-safe", there is no definite plan YET for communications.

To comment, please send an email to Harrie Jones, VE3HYS or to Neil Herber, VE3PUE

Please sign up ASAP!

Trail routing will be determined later

The so-called "Northern Trail" was used in 2018, 2019, and 2020. The routing for 2021 will probably be almost entirely inside the Kenauk Private Reserve. Routing details will be posted on the Maps page when available. Note that the route may change at any time due to landholder changes, weather, safety concerns, and government directives.

Tasks for radio ops -- still undetermined

We will probably need radio operators for:

  • net control - located near Montebello, perhaps
  • checkpoints - spread along the route - see Maps for details
  • chip team - mobile throughout the event installing and removing the loops and skier counting equipment at checkpoints

Volunteer thank-you banquet

The date for the volunteer thank-you banquet will be announced later. It most likely will be at Buffet des Continents, 4 Impasse de la Gare Talon, Gatineau, QC . In addition to free food, the banquet features lots of door prizes (some quite substantial) and presentation of service pins and awards.

To see more pics from CSM 2020, including the banquet, go to CSM2020

But this may not be ham radio! (you say to yourself...)

Ham radios will be used for backup and for some volunteers who will not have commercial rigs available.

The important point is that the CSM needs people who are skilled at operating on a controlled net. Those are ham skills.

But I am busy that day!

Well, maybe next year? (February 2022) Please pass this info on to other operators you know. Perhaps your local club ... ? Thanks!

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