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Omicron forces CSM 2022 to go virtual -- UPDATED 2022-01-06

For 2022 the Canadian Ski Marathon was planning an in-person event. The Board of the CSM did everything it could to organize a safe event for February 2022 that complied with the directives of public health authorities. However, the Omicron variant has made such an event too risky. The 2022 CSM will be a virtual event, similar to the 2021 event.

Here is the press release from the Board:

 Due to the current context and after careful consideration and discussions with our various partners, we have decided to hold the 2022 edition of the Canadian Ski Marathon using the same format as last year.
 The Canadian Ski Marathon committee has worked hard over the past few months to provide you with a safe event despite the pandemic. A virtual challenge and a one-day event were created with this in mind. However, with the arrival of the Omicron variant, the situation and the restrictions have changed. This meant that the risks related to the event on site in Montebello became too high for both the safety of our community and the financial survival of the event.
 We want to keep our event accessible and allow everyone to participate safely.
 The 2021 Virtual CSM was a resounding success, thanks to you, our community. You've skied, invited your friends, made donations, posted your stories on social media and managed to keep the Legend of the Canadian Ski Marathon alive.
 In 2022, we are renewing this formula and we invite you to continue to bring the Legend to life in your own way, with your loved ones, safely in your region from February 5 to March 20 !
 Registrations will open in mid-January.
 Real Perriard
 Board of Directors

Gouvernement du Québec Sports and Recreation Regulations:

Ham radio operators at CSM 2022

Starting in 2018, the CSM began to use commercial digital radios for health, safety, and logistics traffic. However, the CSM still uses the skills and knowledge of ham operators to run a controlled net on the commercial rigs. When equipment or environmental factors make the commercial rigs difficult or impossible to use, 2m ham radio is used as a backup.

There will be no need for radio communications for 2022 since the event is now virtual. But we hope to return in person in 2023!

To comment, please send an email to Harrie Jones, VE3HYS or to Neil Herber, VE3PUE

Tasks for radio ops

We usually need radio operators for:

  • net control - located near Montebello
  • checkpoints - spread along the route - see Maps for details
  • chip team - mobile throughout the event installing and removing the loops and skier counting equipment at checkpoints

Volunteer thank-you banquet???

A volunteer thank-you banquet is usually held at Saveurs des Continents, 4 Impasse de la Gare Talon, Gatineau, QC . In addition to free food, the banquet features lots of door prizes (some quite substantial) and presentation of service pins and awards. The banquet will not be possible in 2022.

Ops radio team service awards at the banquet: Austin Sweezey VA3SWY (5 yrs), Arthur Smith VA3BIT (15 yrs), Wayne Getchell VE3CZO (35 yrs), Harrie Jones VE3HYS (40 yrs!!), Neil Herber VE3PUE (30 yrs), Frédéric Ménard (Admin-1), absent was David Scobie VE3BOW (3 yrs)

To see more pics from CSM 2020, including the banquet, go to CSM2020 SlideShow

But this may not be ham radio! (you say to yourself...)

Ham radios will be used for backup and for some volunteers who will not have commercial rigs available.

The important point is that the CSM needs people who are skilled at operating on a controlled net. Those are ham skills.

But I am busy that weekend!

Well, maybe next year? (February 2023) Please pass this info on to other operators you know. Perhaps your local club ... ? Thanks!

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