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CSM 2024 Changes

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There are several big changes to the CSM in 2024. They are explained below.

Different route

The "traditional" CSM routes have been centred on Montebello, but with the starts near Tremblant or Buckingham or Lachute and the ends at either Lachute or Buckingham. This made the logistics of supplying the checkpoints along the route quite complex, not to mention requiring a lot of vehicle travel.

For 2024, the CSM will use trails that fall almost entirely within the Kenauk Reserve north of Montebello. Although the ski trail is still the same length, the checkpoints are much closer together, greatly simplifying the logistics and requiring much less vehicle travel.

Common finish

In previous years, skiers could any sections they wished. As of 2024, skiers must decide in advance how many sections they wish to ski, but they must always finish in Montebello. So, for example, they CANNOT ski sections 2, 3, and 4 on Saturday. They must ski 3, 4, and 5 ending in Montebello. This means that checkpoints will have much better predictions of the number of skiers starting at and transitioning through their checkpoint.

No shuttle buses between checkpoints

Because skiers must chose their sections in advance and must finish at Montebello, the CSM does not need to have any buses taking skiers between checkpoints. Note, however, that every checkpoint will always have one or more buses available for skiers who need to warm up before continuing to the finish at Montebello.

Re-used checkpoints

Although the route is different each day, several of the same checkpoints are used both days. See the Maps for details. The same checkpoint teams will serve the same checkpoints each day. On Sunday, the Sport Clay checkpoint is used twice and the Esdale checkpoint is not used.

Relocated Gold Camp

Gold Camp will be relocated just north of Montebello to a spot that was used in 2012.

Checkpoints are named and not numbered

Because the checkpoints are used multiple times, it was decided that using checkpoint numbers would be more confusing than just using the names.

Shorter travel distances between checkpoints

Because almost all of the checkpoints are inside the Kanauk Reserve, the travel distance and time between them is much shorter than the "traditional" route. One exception is the Esdale checkpoint which is only used on Saturday.

No special COVID/flu provisions

All skiers, volunteers, and staff should be following any and all public health orders that are in place when the event takes place. Please note that winter is the "prime time" for the transmission of colds, flu, and other respiratory illnesses. Practice good hand hygiene by washing them often or using hand sanitizer. Individuals who wish to wear masks are welcome to do so, and individuals who are not feeling well or are contagious should avoid contact with others.

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