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CSM 2024 Radio Operator's Home Page

Join us next year in February 2025

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The 2024 CSM is complete.

What is the Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM)???

Founded in 1966, the CSM is North America’s oldest cross-country ski event. Held the 2nd weekend in February since 1967, it takes place in the beautiful Outaouais region, centred on Montebello. It is a two-day, family friendly event. It is not a race. Skiers can ski on one to five sections each day. Each section averages 16 km, but there are longer and shorter sections. Checkpoints are set up at the start and end of each section.

Changes to the CSM for 2024

There are several big changes to the CSM in 2024. They are summarized here, and more details appear on the Changes page:

  • Different route: the trail is almost entirely contained within the Kenauk reserve
  • Common finish: all skiers will finish in Montebello
  • Skiers book the sections they will ski in advance
  • Re-used checkpoints: although the route is different each day, several of the same checkpoints are used both days
  • Relocated Gold Camp
  • Checkpoints are named and not numbered
  • Shorter travel distances between checkpoints
  • No shuttle buses between checkpoints
  • No special COVID provisions

Ham radio operators at CSM 2024

Much of the ski trail used for the CSM is in semi-remote areas that have little or no cell coverage. The CSM uses commercial digital radios for health, safety, and logistics traffic. However, the CSM needs the skills and knowledge of ham operators to run a controlled net on the commercial rigs. When equipment or environmental factors make the commercial rigs difficult or impossible to use, 2m ham radio is used as a backup.

To comment, please send an email to Harrie Jones, VE3HYS or to Neil Herber, VE3PUE

Tasks for radio ops

We usually need radio operators for:

  • net control - located near Montebello
  • checkpoints - spread along the route - see Maps for details
  • chip team - mobile throughout the event installing and removing the loops and skier counting equipment at checkpoints

Volunteer thank-you banquet

A volunteer thank-you banquet is usually held at Saveurs des Continents, 4 Impasse de la Gare Talon, Gatineau, QC . In addition to free food, the banquet features lots of door prizes (some quite substantial) and presentation of service pins and awards. More details to come.

But this may not be ham radio! (you say to yourself...)

Ham radios will be used for backup and for some volunteers who will not have commercial rigs available.

The important point is that the CSM needs people who are skilled at operating on a controlled net. Those are ham skills.

But I am busy that weekend!

Well, maybe next year? (February 2025) Please pass this info on to other operators you know. Perhaps your local club ... ? Thanks!

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