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  • by Neil Herber
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Hambone History

Why is it called Hambone?

Years ago, I had a ham-related newsletter called "Hambone". Everybody seemed to like the name. I still do. I went down into the lowest depths of the vaults, deep inside the secret lair in the Rocky Mountain foothills, and found the original copies of Hambone "The Alternative Ham Newsletter". As it turns out, there were only 2 issues ever published - the third issue had been started and abandoned (probably not a bad thing!!).

For those of you with time to waste, I have uploaded PDFs of both issues (both about 40 kbytes) for your downloading and reading pleasure.

WARNING: The material in these issues dates from 1994, so you may find references to products or addresses that no longer exist. There is at least one irreverent article about a ham who is now a Silent Key. There is (heaven help us) a discussion of the merits of CW in one issue. If you download these PDFs to read, remember that they are more than 25 years old, or in internet time, 783 years old. Click on these links to download them:

Please enjoy this peek back into Hambone history.

What happened to the Message Board?

I used to run a message board for hams, but it was closed in January 2017 due to lack of use. It was fun while it lasted!

I may resurrect it if there is sufficient interest.

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