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  • Copyright 2024
  • by Neil Herber
  • VE3PUE

Welcome to Hambone!

Hambone is a website where I (Neil, VE3PUE) post ham-radio-related material and links to other ham-radio-related websites. Use the left navigation menu or the buttons below.

Canadian Ski Marathon Volunteer for the CSM
Volunteer as a radio operator for the Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM)

ARDF Ottawa Transmitter hunting
Go t-hunting with ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding ) Ottawa

RCJ Helping Scouts on the Rideau Challenge Journey
Volunteer radio ops help scouts on the Rideau Challenge Journey

RAC Events Database Fleamarkets, Hamfests, Courses
Fleamarkets, Hamfests, Courses, and more ...

New Hams Ottawa Information for new hams
Information for new hams with an Ottawa focus

ARRL VHF Contest Participate in the ARRL June VHF Contest
Participate with WCARC in the ARRL VHF Contest June 7-10, 2024

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